Have you ever considered making your own bed? No, we are not talking about making your bed after you have slept in it the previous night. Instead, we are talking about making your own bed right from scratch – building your own bed!

Bed Kits

A bed kit is a kit that comes with all the hardware required to build a bed. This will include all the springs, screws, plates, gas pistons, etc. With a good bed kit, you can build your own bed with some good quality wood, enough space to build it, and a mattress.

How To

Here is how you can make your own bed without spending a fortune on store-bought beds yet have a similar size, quality, and finished product.

Bed Kit 

The first and foremost requirement to build a good bed on your own is to invest in a good quality kit. The items in the kit are extremely important for the life of your bed. Buying a bed kit similar to the highest rank kit for half the price may seem to be a lucky and smart choice. However, this will lead to more expenses and other issues in the future when the kit components give way within a few years.


Good quality wood is again a necessity if you want a good quality bed. However, there are many varieties to choose from. The cost of the wood varies based not just on the quality but on the design and grains on them too. Some grains can cost a lot since they come in a limited number of pieces.

If you are not keen on spending all the money, you save by building the bed yourself, on some wood, choose smart. Opt for standard inexpensive but good quality wood for areas that will be hidden. Opt for interesting designs and colors for areas that will be visible.


Do not get carried away with building your own bed. Check the size of the room, the floor space you will have when the bed has to be pulled out, the wall space to hook up the bed, and the space to work in. Many make the mistake of checking the size of the room and deciding on a queen-size or king-size, just like they decide for a regular bed.

With Murphy beds, one has to remember to include the unit into measurement as well. The bed will have to be pulled down vertically, and this requires enough free space.

Murphy Bed Kit

A Murphy bed kit will have all the hardware required to build your own Murphy bed. 

Different sizes will be available to choose from too. Apart from the springs and screws, this kit will include a pivot plate to speed up your setup, handles used to pull down the bed, and a step-by-step guide to help you build the bed with absolutely no help.

Some kits come with detailed instructions, plus a video tutorial telling you how to assemble the entire bed.